Vetzy is built to help its users connect with the best vets. Our platform is secure and provides encrypted and GDPR-compliant communication with veterinarians.

GDPR compliance
The Vetzy team ensures that the platform and data are always protected and GDPR compliant. Vetzy enables secure communication for healthcare professionals in compliance with GDPR.
Vetzy uses leading encryption standards to protect all data in transit and at rest. All requests are made via at least TLS 1.2. The video call is encrypted in transmission using the end-to-end (E2E) method via WebRTC security protocols. Personal health information and messages are encrypted using the AES-256-CFB cipher.
Network security
Vetzy uses multiple monitoring strategies to ensure alerts are triggered and resolved quickly. Access (who/when/how often) is monitored at the level of the individual user. Engineers have limited permissions depending on the role following the principle of least privilege (least access principle).
Physical security
Vetzy is located in Tier 3 certified data center, which uses numerous physical and security control measures. All equipment is housed in cages with 4 levels of security and access through a single door that is monitored 24/7 by security cameras. The facility uses control to maintain an appropriate temperature and ensures a stable and safe environment.
Report security issues
Vetzy uses the most modern technology and follows web security trends. If you discover a flaw in web security that you believe has an impact on the security of the Doct platform, please report it to us immediately. If you want to report a security breach, please do so by email: