What is Vetzy- online vet?

Vetzy connects you with experienced veterinarians via video call through the Vetzy app, available for smartphones on Android and IOS platforms.

How does it work?

Vetzy allows you to get a veterinarian immediately. Our experienced veterinarians are available 24/7. If everyone is busy at the time of your call, you will receive a call within a few minutes, as soon as the first one is free.

Talk to an experienced vet on your smartphone with Vetzy, and you can always see an experienced vet, no matter where you are. Vetzy is a professional service for those occasions when you are not sure whether you should visit your vet, for advice, behavioral problems, or if you need to contact a vet in an emergency and the practice is not close to you.

Does Vetzy have an office?

No, but we can refer you to a specific practice if necessary.

What Vetzy can help with?

In most cases we can help, but of course an online vet cannot solve every problem. The most common inquiries we receive are about changes in behavior, general deterioration of health, gastrointestinal complaints, skin and eye problems. In addition, of course, there are many other topics such as other opinions and advices regarding other health problems. During the consultation, vet decides whether he can help enough or if further treatment by a local veterinarian is necessary. This is especially the case in very acute emergencies, where we support you with an on-site clinic check-in.

How can a veterinarian help via video call?

In most cases, this is possible without problems. Depending on the case, our doctors will ask you about the medical history and pictures of your animal, what you have already done about the problem and take a look at the animal using the camera on your smartphone. In most cases, a treatment proposal can be derived from this.

Can Vetzy issue prescriptions?

Vetzy cannot issue prescriptions, but it can give you recommendations on what to use.

Can Vetzy help in an emergency?

Because emergencies vary greatly one from another, there is no general answer to this question. From our experience – especially at night – we know that about 30% of all inquiries have to be sent to the clinic immediately. We can prepare you and your animal for transport. If you feel that your case is an emergency, visit the nearest veterinarian immediately.

Which animals can Vetzy help?

All veterinarians at Vetzy can treat dogs and cats. With other animals such as birds, reptiles and small animals we can also help but to a limited extent. In these cases, we can refer you to specialists for certain types and areas.