Vetzy is a telemedicine platform that veterinarians and other healthcare providers licensed in Croatia can use to provide telemedicine services. Vetzy itself is not a healthcare provider. Since contracted veterinarians in Croatia still cannot issue electronic prescriptions covered by health insurance, all veterinarians only prescribe electronic private prescriptions via Vetzy. The user must pay for this in full. Users can buy prescription drugs for their pets at specialized locations.

According to professional regulations for veterinarians, veterinarians in Croatia advise users in personal contact. Communication media can be used as support. Through Vetzy, counseling or treatment via communication media is possible only in individual cases if it is medically justified and if the necessary medical care is followed, especially in the way findings, advice, treatment, and documentation are taken. Through its platform, Vetzy supports the contact of patients with veterinarians at a distance – within the framework of telemedicine. 

IMPORTANT: Vetzy does not offer medical consultation in cases where your pet’s life is in immediate danger or when it needs urgent medical assistance. In case you need emergency help, please call or visit the nearest veterinary station.