July 1, 2022

10 tips for summer with dog

Summer is just around the corner, and at this time of the year temperatures up to over 30 degrees Celsius are not uncommon. We have 10 refreshing and useful tips and tricks on how to make hot summer days more pleasant for your dog!

Tip 1: Postpone your walks with your dog

In summer, when it can be very hot during the day, it is best to walk in the early morning or late evening hours – because the asphalt can get very hot when the sun is shining. The best thing to do is to test how hot the floor is with your bare feet to feel if the street or sidewalk is too hot for your dog’s paws.

Tip 2: Protect paws

Since dogs’ paws suffer a lot in summer on hot terrain and walks on asphalt sidewalks cannot always be avoided, you can protect them with dog shoes or boots. After a short period of adaptation, many dogs walk very well and like to wear shoes or boots.

Tip 3: Look for “cool” favorite places

On hot summer days, it is much more pleasant for the dog and the owner to walk through a cool forest under shady trees than in a field where you are mercilessly exposed to the sun. Walks near a lake or stream are also recommended so that your four-legged friend can refresh himself from time to time.

Tip 4: Offer plenty of water

Fresh water should always be available, especially in summer. Many dogs prefer to drink from larger bowls that can also often be found outside. Dogs also love a variety of drink options.

Tip 5: Make infused water

You can give the dog’s drinking water different flavors without hesitation: for example, add a little broth (chicken or beef broth) to the drinking water. Different types of fruits and vegetables can also be used as flavor enhancers, for example, pieces of cucumber or melon can be added to the water, and a little lemon juice is refreshing. Just try and see which flavor your dog likes best!

Tip 6: Make ice cream for dogs

We humans often notice this ourselves: when the temperatures are very warm, we have less appetite. This can also happen in dogs. This is where it’s good to give the dog “dog ice cream” or some frozen food to eat – but make sure they don’t eat too much at once – otherwise, they may get a stomach ache!

For dog ice cream, you can, for example, mix cream cheese with a little oil and liver, put it in a muffin tin, and freeze it overnight. If you want, you can add a “stick”, eg spaghetti for dogs or pig intestines, and the ice cream is ready. You can also make ice cream for dogs from cottage cheese with honey and banana or apple as a sweet version or, of course, with pieces of cooked meat. But be careful: give only in moderation.

Tip 7: Offer cooling mats

So-called cooling mats, which can be purchased in different sizes, are very popular with many dogs. They offer the dog a pleasantly cool surface to lie on.

Tip 8: Put on vests for cooling

If you have a dog that is very sensitive to temperature, cooling vests that you can wear for walks or excursions are also recommended. They help regulate body temperature.

Tip 9: Set up a dog pool

If you have the necessary space, many dogs are happy to have their pool! The easiest way to do this is to use a children’s sand shell. However, there are also special pools for dogs in different sizes that do not break as easily as an inflatable children’s pool. To make the pool pleasant for the dog, you can decorate it with different water toys.

Tip 10: Water sprinklers or dog waterers with a sprinkler function

Many dogs like to walk through garden sprinklers and jump over them to cool off. Some dogs even like to lie in the cool stream of water. There are even water sprinklers in dog stores that can be operated by the dog with the touch of a paw!